The Sandbox Dragon
By Jonathan Petley 

A troubling thing happened in the schoolyard this spring—a dragon dug her bed in the children’s sandbox.

Terry was thrilled. “I think I’ll go say hello,” he said to the class.

They gasped. They told Terry terrible things about dragons:

“Dragons love having children for lunch,” one said.

“They’re horribly hungry too,” said another.

“True,” added another. “They get wild.”

“Wild?” Terry Smiled. He tiptoed over to the sandbox, careful not to startle the dragon, and he sat down beside her with his lunchbox.

The dragon’s eyes slowly opened.

The children froze.

The dragon wiggled her nose.

Terry giggled and wiggled back. “They said you get wild and you like having children for lunch. I thought you might have me for lunch and we could get wild together.”

The dragon looked up at Terry and then down at his lunch. She smiled and opened her mouth big and wide.  

The End

The gif and story are both original works by me. I’ve been dying for an excuse to do a bit of animation. So, this contest couldn’t have come at a better time. The story represents many of the things I love: fantasy, color, humor, rhyme, alliteration. I love flexing my imagination and inspiring others to do the same. Thank you for reading and I do hope you comment. Cheers

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Kaitlyn L Sanchez
9 months ago

Aww so sweet, love the Amelia Bedelia miscommunications here! Thanks for sharing for the spring fling Kidlit contest!

Delia Black
9 months ago

I think this is wonderful, Jonathan. So much humour and imagination in such a short story. You have a very special voice! Good luck!

Amy Barry
9 months ago

This is a lovely and funny story. Well done!

Christine Alemshah
9 months ago

Cute dragon story! I love that your created your own animation as well! Very fun! 🙂

Ashley Sierra
Ashley Sierra
9 months ago

That GIF is amazing. I like how he had the courage to not listen to the rumors. “They said you get wild and you like having children for lunch. I thought you might have me for lunch and we could get wild together” is a creative spin on the original assumptions. Great job! Good luck!

Colleen O Murphy
9 months ago

When I saw the GIF I was wondering if you had created it! So cool! And the story matches with it so well! Good luck!

Last edited 9 months ago by Colleen O Murphy
Ciara O'Neal
9 months ago

Love the animation and making new friends! Way to go!