I entered the world of publishing with my tachometer in the red; when I find something I love, I tend to dive right in at full speed. I wrote, illustrated, and self published two picture books and a comic collection inside of three years. Despite having little clue what I was doing at the time, I’m proud of the results and I’ve had great feedback over the years from adults and children. Now, many years later, with the help of friends and professionals in the kidlit community, I’ve grown as an author and as an artist. I’m currently searching for representation and I plan to pursue traditional publishing. It’s a very competitive market but I’m confident and hopeful I can make it.

Billy Small wants to be BIG. But growing up takes time. The situation requires some serious creativity and engineering. And the help of Dad. The father and son team will have to take on a building project of unimaginable scale. They’re going to build a giant juicer. But the secret might not be in the juice.

Space Doxie follows a space exploring dachshund named Captain and his robot companion Orby on an adventure through space in search of a new planet to call home. If you’re a fan of classics cartoon strips like Garfield and Peanuts and crave a good dose of science in your comedy you’ll fall in love with Space Doxie. This light and adventurous cartoon strip started out online as a webcomic and has gained thousands of followers. The book collects over one hundred of the best and most hilarious Spacedoxie strips from online. If you’ve ever had a dachshund at home this might be the strip you’ve been looking for.

Not every living creature makes a good pet. If you take the wrong creature home, you might be in for a big surprise.