I’ve spent the last four decades experimenting, failing, and dreaming, all with one goal in mind—finding my true artistic voice. I tried everything from painting and cartooning, to writing full length novels and illustrating childrens’ picture books. Because I knew I could never be truly satisfied until I found the perfect balance between career and creativity. I’m dyslexic and adhd. Although this combination makes for a fiercely creative mind, it can also make that balance difficult to find. 

In order to stay financially stable, I learned to become an orthodontic lad technician—this would pay the bills while I continued my creative pursuit in the background for the next two decades. Lab work would eventually turn into a destructive, draining force in my life, as I gained more experience and found myself with less and less energy at the end of each day. But I continue to keep up the good work and try to stay as positive and productive as I can. 

The majority of my art skills are self taught, with a few exceptions. Surface pattern design came to me in an unexpected and serendipitous way, while I was researching a completely unrelated topic. I found it highly appealing, both for its practical application, and its widely diverse styles and public appeal. People buy patterns—a lot. I knew I’d found the answer. For the first time in my life, I invested my hard earned money and much of my free time into learning everything I could. I’m so glad I did. 

I live in Richmond, Virginia, a mile from the James River, with my two Dachshunds and beautiful, highly intelligent wife, where I’m starting my new exciting venture into patterned apparel. GOOD SHIRTS are coming

Thanks so much for visiting. I’m grateful.